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Aftercare for better lasting lash extensions

How long your lashes will last mostly depends on the aftercare of your extensions until your next visit with me.

Normally we shed 3-7 natural lashes per day. You will lose more lashes from the side that you sleep on and you will most likely lose lashes in the corners first. Wear and tear will also play a big part on how long your lashes last; sleeping, rubbing, crying, washing, swimming, make up. If you shed more lashes than normal within a week from application, please contact me and I will troubleshoot with you.

You are able to wash your lashes the same day you have had them applied. I can recommend a cleansing product designed especially for your lash extensions.

If you feel you must wear mascara, please use a water soluble mascara, one that is easy to wash off with warm water. Other make up can be used as normal, but with caution around your eyes. Most importantly, don't use any oil based products around the eyes. Please do not use oil based products (moisturiser/sunscreen) before your first appointment or any infill.


I recommend that you have infills 3 weeks following your first set of lashes. After that I will be able to determine how often your lashes will need filling. Everyone is different, some clients will be able to go longer while others may need to visit more often. I recommend booking your infills directly after your first appointment, to ensure you get the date and time you require.

After care for your lifted & tinted lashes 

Avoid using a oil based or strong make-up remover for the first 48 hours after a lash lift and tint. They may strip the colour that has been performed with the tint or may damage the new direction of the lashes.

Within the first 24 hours after having you lift ant tint it is recommended that you do not get your lashes wet. It is important to avoid heat & hot steam from showers, saunas, dishwashers or even heat from ovens. 

After care for those beautiful laminated brows

Following your brow lamination it is important that you do not get you're brows wet and avoid make up,  swimming and saunas  for 24 hours, gym and excess sweat could also cause the brows to be wet. If possible avoid sleeping on our brows for 24 hours to keep the shape at an optimum style.

Brushing your brows daily when they are wet after a shower will help to keep them in their new shape. It is advised to use and aftercare serum a week after your lamination to hydrate your brows.

If you are able, do not sleep on your face or on your side where your lashes are rubbing against the pillow, this may change the lasehs in a new 

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